Brand Focus: Quality and Energy-Efficient Simonton® Windows

the jones boysYour windows are more than just visible design elements that help boost your home’s curb appeal. They’re also prime contributors to its comfort and energy efficiency. That’s why when they’re already worn and failing, the best solution to go for is window replacement.

Before your old windows can compromise your home’s quality of life, turn to Jones & Associates. We are the premier window company you can count on for the best energy saving windows in Lubbock, TX—Simonton® Generation windows. With this brand’s quality options, we’ll help you keep a lovelier and more energy-efficient home.

Here are some of the benefits you can enjoy from Simonton windows:

1. Improved Energy Efficiency—These windows are ENERGY STAR certified, having met the stringent energy performance ratings set by the program. Choosing them for your window replacement ensures optimal energy efficiency and comfort wherever you live. This is possible through their vinyl framing material and ProSolar® Low-E glass. Together, they result in energy saving windows in Midland, TX, that maintain your home’s thermal comfort without relying too much on your HVAC system. To further reduce your energy costs, you can add ProSolar Shade, a spectrally selective option that blocks UV rays. This protects your home from sun damage, while maximizing your home’s available lighting.

2. Enhanced Aesthetics—You won’t lack for customization options when you invest in Simonton windows from Jones & Associates. They are available in a range of attractive colors and grids in varied styles and patterns. Their style guide, Decorum® by Simonton, offers standard colors in white and tan, as well as more premium choices like brick, chocolate, or bronze. You can also enhance your windows with creative grid patterns in Colonial, Perimeter, Prairie, and Victorian.

3. Smooth and Reliable Performance—Our Simonton windows come in hardware options that ensure smooth operation and security. Choose from a variety of handles and locking systems in distinctive metallic finishes, including nickel, bronze, and brass.

4. Solid Warranty—Choosing these energy saving windows in Odessa, TX, for your window replacement qualifies you for a “double lifetime”, transferable warranty. This covers repair and replacement of any defective window part, including frame, sash, glass, and hardware. Add Jones & Associates’ own workmanship guarantee and you’ll have greater ease of mind with this home improvement.

When in need of quality window replacement, turn to Jones & Associates and our selection of excellent Simonton windows. Fill out our form today for a free estimate.

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