3 Factors that Cause Draft and Leaky Windows

Windows help regulate indoor temperature to keep you comfortable all year round. Nonetheless, they can also be sources of drafts that cause discomfort in your home. They may also experience leakage at some point.


Leaky Windows


If your windows have begun being drafty or leaky, the first order of business is to determine the actual cause of the problem. From there, you can assess your options and decide which action to take.


Jones and Associates, the premier expert in windows replacement in Midland, TX, talks about four factors that contribute to a drafty and leaky window.


Poor Quality Materials


Your choice of material plays a huge role in the durability and efficiency of your windows. There are various materials that are vulnerable to moisture damage and deliver mediocre performance.


Fortunately, we offer Simonton® Platinum Prism windows, which can effectively bar the elements out. Our durable, vinyl material ensures long-lasting protection and improved aesthetic appeal for your home.


Improper Installation


Even the most durable windows can become inefficient with improper installation. Moisture can find its way to your interior through cracked or loose weatherstripping between windowpanes. This can result in leaky and drafty windows in a short time.


We understand the value of professional installation, which is why we only send out factory-trained experts to install your replacement windows in Odessa, TX. We ensure accurate measurements for your windows to make sure that your windows would be airtight.


Constant Exposure to Harsh Elements


Depending on the windows’ frame material, they may contract or expand with the constantly changing temperature. Prolonged exposure to harsh climate conditions can also cause them to age and become inefficient. Their strips and seals might deteriorate, providing an opening for leaks and drafts to pass through.

We are a leading provider of window replacement in Lubbock, TX, and our products offer inherent quality insulation properties. Combined with multi-pane glass, they provide superior thermal regulation in your home. This means that your home will stay cool during hot seasons and warm during cold weather.


At Jones and Associates, we can help make sure your home stays leak- and draft-free with our Simonton Platinum Prism replacement windows. Call us today at (806) 686-1380 or complete our form to request a FREE quote.


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