A Word from “The Boss”

As our company has grown and the internal demands of “office stuff” has risen, I don’t find myself out in the field as much as I was in the early days.  I miss that and try to be intentional about being out on jobs as much as possible.


One of the best reasons for me to be meeting with customers is to get immediate feedback on our performance and the performance of the products we install.  Our company is no better than our last installation, so we really try to stay on our toes.


In the last 10 days, I’ve had the opportunity to visit with several customers that we’ve installed windows for.  They were ecstatic about their new windows.  Most of our customers are very pleased, but these folks were really excited!  They were astounded at how quick and clean the installation process was.  Then, they couldn’t believe how quiet their home had become.  While it was too soon to know exactly what their energy savings will be, they knew that their A/C wasn’t running nearly as long as before.  In essence, they were thrilled!


It is motivating for us to get these kind of reports.  We are reminded that not only are we modifying homes, but we are increasing the quality of life for our customers.  That’s the goal that we pursue every day and why we continue to say “The proofs in the puddin’!”


Be blessed and have a great day!




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