5 Important Questions to Ask Your Siding Contractor

Siding replacement, as with most remodeling projects, is something that you’ll want to be predictable as much as possible. It is, after all, a significant investment—not just of your money, but of your time and effort.


Here are questions you should ask your siding company before getting started on your siding replacement.


1. What is the timeframe? Your remodeling schedule involves more than just an installation and completion date. For instance, we may need a few days’ lead time for bigger projects to allow time for material delivery. This also applies to projects that will require the occupants to vacate the premises, in case temporary accommodations need to be arranged.


2. Who will be in charge of your team? Most contractors, like ourselves, have a team leader who also acts as the point-of-contact for the project. The number of team members depends on the size of the project, and you can call us ahead to ask. Aside from security reasons, knowing the size of the team also lets you determine which areas can be used for lunch or cigarette breaks, and then easily define which areas are off-limits.


3. How will you protect my property? While siding replacement is almost entirely done outside your home, it’s important to know if the siding company will take measures to protect your property, which, in this case, would include existing windows and landscaping. While general liability insurance protects you from property damage financially, avoiding property damage is preferable.


4. How will we communicate? It may seem too obvious, but many homeowners fail to ask for an alternative means to contact their contractors or team leaders. It’s not just about calling us; sometimes you may need to send or receive detailed lists, photos, or share calendars. In addition to a phone number, make it a point to exchange email addresses, preferably ones with associated calendars and cloud-based storage like Gmail or iCloud. Ask for an after-hours number if available, too.


5. What is your process for change orders? In case changes have to be made to the project for any reason, knowing the process for change orders make the difference between a smooth transition and a difficult and frustrating one.


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