Smart Tips on Hiring a Reliable Siding Contractor

“Hire the right contractor, and you’re halfway there.” This saying holds true in any home improvement project, especially in re-siding where the experience can be a nightmare when handled by the wrong company.


Reliable Siding Contractor

To find a reliable siding contractor for your project, follow these tips:


Choose a Specialist


Choose the company that specializes in the siding material you want. Each product has unique installation requirements. No contractor can’t reliably install a particular siding system without undergoing rigorous training.


If you’re considering steel siding, Jones and Associates is the name you can trust. Unlike other contractors that try to install any material that exists, we only do steel. The master of something bests a jack of all trades any day.


Trust Experience


Entrust your project to a siding contractor with strong local presence. Since experience is a good measurement of proficiency and integrity, count the number of years your prospect has been in the industry.


Furthermore, the more established the company is, the more you can rely on it to honor your guarantees. It’s not uncommon for a contractor to go out of business during the warranty period.


Check BBB Record


For the longest time, the Better Business Bureau has helped consumers tell trustworthy and unreliable companies apart. A siding contractor with BBB accreditation and an A rating, like us, is a company with an impeccable history of customer satisfaction.


Know the Warranties


Warranties symbolize confidence. Learn about the length and scope of the guarantees to know how well they could protect your investment.


At Jones and Associates, we complement our stellar manufacturer’s warranties with our very own 10-year workmanship guarantee. In case of installation errors, we’ll come back to put a permanent fix on the problem at no cost. We stand behind our work and are confident of the quality we bring to the table. Apart from our license and insurance, our extensive workmanship guarantee is proof that you can rely on our brand of service.


Listen to Your Gut


Although you should hire objectively, don’t ignore what your intuition tells you. If the contractor rubs you the wrong way, it’s usually best to take your business elsewhere.


From start to finish, expect nothing but a high level of professionalism from us. We treat every home we work on like ours and deal with customers with courtesy.


Jones and Associates has been improving homes in Lubbock, Midland, or Odessa, TX, for more than 30 years. We provide excellent products and services, and over 13,000 homeowners in West Texas can attest to that. To talk about your siding project, call us today at (806) 686-1380 to schedule your FREE, in-home consultation and get an estimate.

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