Your Windows’ Material & Their Proper Maintenance

Is it starting to feel drafty indoors even when the windows are closed? Or is excess heat getting into your home through the windows? It could be possible that they weren’t installed properly or have finally worn-out. Have you considered getting them fixed, or if they’re in really bad shape, having them replaced?


Before you even consider getting repairs or replacement windows in Lubbock TX, you should know that there a number of materials that comprise a window; each with its own way of maintaining. It pays to know so you will know what works best for your kind of weather:


  • Wood
    This material offers good thermal performance and a natural look. This material may require more maintenance then others. There are some treatments to improve its longevity and durability.


  • Aluminum
    It is durable and resistant to corrosion from most chemicals. Aluminum is designed not to rot or rust, thus it is preferred for its long lifespan.


  • Vinyl
    This material does not need painting or scraping and is highly durable. Vinyl is good for areas that experience severe weather. Like Aluminum, this doesn’t rot or rust. Its durability prevents breaks, cracks or warps on the frames.


Jones & Associates has adopted the use of each of these materials for years, in different projects. As such, our craftsmen have the necessary skills to work on and install windows made of each type. We can help you decide which windows will fit your home best.


Aside from the experience, our craftsmen continuously undergo training to hone their skills in window installation. That is why if you decide to get replacement windows in Midland TX from Jones & Associates, we can assure you that no matter the material we can install them with the utmost precision.


Getting new windows can really make a difference for your home. No more draftiness, no excess heat coming through the windows. For more information on the different window materials, contact Jones & Associates today.

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