In Rough West Texas Weather, Get Durable Materials

The weather in West Texas can be harsh and unforgiving. As such, your home should be able to withstand these conditions. However, the years may have already taken its toll; your roof in particular could be in bad shape. There’s going to be more headaches if you don’t do anything about it.


The rough weather may cause damage like missing shingles, holes, or leaks. These common roofing issues can compromise the insulation of your home by allowing moisture and heat to enter. Poor insulation can cause for temperatures to soar indoors and may demand more work from your air conditioners, in the process raising your power consumption. Furthermore, it could be detrimental to your family’s protection from the rain, sun, UV, hail or other kinds of harmful elements and can pose health concerns.


So what can you do to avoid these problems with roof? Have you considered checking your shingles?


While there are a lot of materials available, the use of wood, asphalt, slate, or plank may not suit to the kind of climate we have. You need one that is resilient enough to withstand harsh and shifting weather conditions. The suggested material would be metal.


As the leading provider of metal roofing in Lubbock, Jones & Associates know the challenges that the weather presents. That is why we only utilize top-quality metal for your roofing and guarantee its proper installation to ensure that you also get better insulation, making your home more comfortable and energy-efficient.


And while taking the effort to achieve energy efficiency, you might also need to check the condition of the other exterior components of your home, such as your windows and siding, which are also susceptible to the elements. Jones & Associates is also the recommended siding contractor in Lubbock TX.


For more information on what materials are best suited for the West Texas climate, contact the best roofing and siding contractor in Midland TX, Jones & Associates.

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