Your Environment-Friendly Options for Roofing & Siding

With global warming and climate change becoming a more serious concern in Texas and anywhere else, more homeowners and contractors alike are getting conscious of their choices for home improvement materials. With roof, for example, a badly installed roofing system or even a simple damage to the shingle can pose environmental harm to the occupants of the house.    


If your roof has cracks, holes, or leaks, it may allow excess heat to enter your home. This is the same heat that will force your air conditioning to work twice as hard, increasing your power consumption. While getting a roof repair or replacement service will remedy the situation, you also need to make sure that your contractor is concerned about using the right materials, specifically environment-friendly materials.


Traditional materials like wood or polymer, upon reaching the end of their lifespan are just going to end up in landfills. Unfortunately, when they get there, the chemicals that keep them from biodegrading can have harmful effects on the environment.


Jones & Associates sets itself above the other contractors because we advocate the use of environmentally-friendly materials such as metal roofing, which has the efficiency to reflect solar energy, hence keeping your home comfortable and helping reduce your cooling costs.


Metal is proven durable as well, compared to other traditional materials. Furthermore, it is known to be fully recyclable. That means you don’t have to worry about your metal roof once it has outlived its usefulness.


When doing home improvement projects, put your environmental sensibilities on check. That is why you may also need to have Jones & Associates inspect and do your siding installation in Lubbock TX and Midland TX. In this area of work, we also utilize environment-friendly materials like steel.


For more information on environment-friendly options for your roof or siding installation in Midland TX and Lubbock TX, contact Jones & Associates today.

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