Why You Should Replace Your Home’s Siding Before Winter

Fall is a good time to finally accomplish your home improvement goals. One of the things that you should prioritize is your siding, especially if you have been noticing signs of damage. Jones and Associates, one of the trusted professionals for siding installation in Lubbock, TX, talks about the top three reasons replacing your siding should be part of your winter preparation.


Home’s Siding


1. The Temperatures are Ideal

Fall brings the best temperatures that are conducive to most siding materials. When you wait until winter to perform siding replacement, it will be too cold and the materials can become rigid or brittle. On the other hand, summer brings high temperatures that can soften some siding materials. Fall weather is also friendly to contractors. They can focus on their work better and finish the project according to schedule.


2. New Siding Means Lower Winter Heating Costs

If you have a damaged siding, you wouldn’t want to go through winter without having it replaced. This is because a damaged siding cannot keep the cold out effectively. If your siding has gaps or holes, the cold temperature can penetrate into your home, prompting your heating system to work double time. Siding installation in Midland, TX, performed at the right time can greatly help you avoid high heating and utility costs.


3. The Industry is Not as Busy

Top contractors like Jones and Associates will advise you that the season is not as busy. This means we can work on your project almost immediately. Rest assured that our experts will install your steel siding efficiently and expertly.


Make sure you’re prepared for winter, and we highly recommend that you consider replacing your old siding before the days become colder. Get in touch with Jones and Associates today for high-quality steel siding installation in Odessa, TX. Call (806) 686-1380 for a free in-home consultation.



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