What is Low-E Glass and Why is It Important?

Glass is an integral part of your windows. It protects you from the sun, wind, snow, and rain, and at the same time, help stabilize temperatures inside your home. This is why the type of glass you’ll use is something that you should consider during a window replacement project.


E Glass

To improve your property’s energy efficiency, choose windows that are equipped with low-E glass. But what exactly is low-E glass and why do many energy saving windows in Lubbock, TX, have this feature?


Low-E Glass Explained


Low-E, or low-emissivity glass, is basically a type of glass designed to prevent heat from escaping your windows during winter. With a transparent coating that is much thinner than human hair, it reflects infrared energy or heat back inside your home and minimizes radiant heat loss. This keeps interior temperatures warm and cozy.


During summer, the function of the low-E glass is to reflect the heat and UV rays from the sun and keep them away from your energy saving windows in Midland, TX. This will allow you to maintain cooler indoor temperatures successfully.


Passive Low-E Coatings


There are two types of low-E coatings. The first one is called passive low-E coating, which is usually made via the pyrolytic process. It works best in cold climates because this lets the sun’s short-wave infrared energy into your home. This also reflects long-wave heat energy back inside to keep your property warm during cold months.


Solar Control Low-E Coatings


This type of coating is applied using the MSVD process. This is the opposite of passive low-E coating, as it is most suitable for buildings in locations with mild to hot climates.


Where to Get Windows with Low-E Glass


If you’re looking for energy saving windows in Odessa, TX, contact Jones & Associates. We offer high quality replacement windows that are durable and energy-efficient. Our windows are fitted with low-E glass to help you save on energy costs and keep your home cozy, regardless of the season.


To schedule a free in-home consultation, call us at (806) 686-1380. Our team of window experts will be happy to assist you.

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