Preparing For Your Window Replacement Project

Replacing your old windows with custom windows can improve your home in many aspects. It can promote comfort in your home and help you save more on energy costs, not to mention enhance your home’s curb appeal and function. That said, it is vital that you prepare your home for a window replacement before the contractors arrive at your place.



Jones & Associates offers tips on getting ready for a window replacement:


Let Your Neighbors Know


Working on home improvement projects can create noise. You can help keep things peaceful however, by letting your neighbors know about your window replacement plans in advance. You can count on our team to be considerate and courteous. We will make sure to keep things as quiet as possible for your neighbors while we work on your windows replacement in Midland, TX.


Clarify Matters with the Contractor


Before the window installers start doing their job, it helps a lot to talk to them for clarifications and last minute questions. Make sure that you and everyone involved are on the same page. Make sure to let them know which areas are off-limits and which ones they have access to. You can expect us to clarify the scope of the project with you to ensure that we understand each other. We will also let you know how our replacement process goes. This will make the job faster and easier for both parties involved.


Remove Furniture in the Work Area


Make sure to clear the work area of valuables to ensure our experts can work unimpeded. You can also rely on us to help you prepare the work area. We will also remove our boots before we enter your home to make sure that we do not leave dirt or any form of debris. Once we have removed your furniture and valuables from the work area, we will start working on your window replacement in Lubbock, TX.


You can rely on Jones & Associates to make your window replacement experience a great one. Call us today at (806) 658-2060 for a FREE estimate.

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