Facts about Energy Saving Windows in Odessa, TX: Aluminum Windows

Facts about Energy Saving Windows in Odessa TX Aluminum Windows image

Facts about Energy Saving Windows in Odessa, TX: Aluminum Windows

When it comes to replacement windows, there’s nothing more practical than buying trusty distributors of energy saving windows from Odessa, TX, like Jones & Associates. However, the savings that you can get out of this efficient system might end up getting thrown out of the same aluminum windows you’re using if you keep on paying for constant repairs and replacement. One way to offset this cost is to learn to maintain aluminum windows yourself.

Cleaning the Frames

Clean your aluminum window frames regularly using a mixture of mild dish soap and clean water. Rinse it well to make sure that all the soap particles get washed down, and then dry it using a clean cloth. You might also want to dust your window’s tracks by running a vacuum through them.

Warranty Warnings

When cleaning your frames, though, you should be careful not to do anything to void the manufacturer’s warranty, just in case you’ll need a premature replacement in the near future. Things to avoid include using a putty knife or abrasive pad in cleaning the aluminum and using petroleum based cleaners (it could damage the finish).

Glass Cleaning

When cleaning the glass, you can do pretty much the same procedure as for the aluminum frames, only making sure that you don’t leave any unsightly streaks afterwards. There are also specialized glass cleaning solutions that you might want to look into to make your windows look good as new.


If you have screens on your windows, here’s how Yahoo! Voices recommends you clean them:

  • Wipe dry and reinstall
  • Wash screens on a flat surface
  • Use mild soap and water with a soft bush
  • Rise with clear water
  • Wipe dry and reinstall

In conclusion, energy saving windows in Midland, TX or Odessa can save you some big bucks if you only know how to maintain it, so that it lasts a long time without needing repairs. If you do need to have it replaced, though, make sure to rely only on trustworthy roofers who can install it properly.

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