How Home Replacement Windows Lubbock TX Help in Keeping the Heat.

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This winter, you need all the heat you can get, but as heat loss is becoming an issue, you will need all the help too. Lindsay Wilson, the founder of Shrink that Footprint, writes about how heat escapes the boundaries of the home. With the help of an info-graphic based on PHPP data, Wilson explains that:



            Heat losses occur through convection in the walls, floor, roof, windows and doors or via    ventilation in the form of air leakage… the typical shares of heat gains and heat losses for an           average European home. The major sources of losses are walls (35%), roof (20%), windows         (15%), ventilation (15%), floor (10%) and doors (5%).


The data also mentions how the heat gained from natural heat sources and heating systems can easily be lost through these heat holes. It shows that a single part of the house where air leakage is possible is capable of losing a sizable percentage of the heat accumulated.


While lost heat is the obvious problem, a higher heating bill can cause additional woes. Heat losses can be a result of neglecting repair or replacement of certain parts of the house, which allows air leakage and encourages abusive – though almost futile – use of the heating system.


Neglect doesn’t need to last forever. The good thing about home heat loss is that it can be prevented. An effective way to start addressing these leakages would be finding only trusted professional contractors that can help with repair and installment.


Remember: the slightest improvement can work warming wonders. Cases in point: replacement windows in Midland, TX have been reducing residents’ energy usage through low-E glass and frames; replacement windows in Lubbock, TX have been lowering monthly heating and cooling bills via its insulated glass packages.


If you’re feeling colder even with your heat systems in full blast and windows intact, you’ll need home – and heat – improvement now.


(Article Excerpt and Image from what are the Sources of Home Heat Loss?, Lindsay Wilson, Published 27 November 2013)

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