How to Keep it with Wise Window Replacement in Midland Tx Choices

energy tips energy efficient windows imageWe’ve all been haunted by the same environmental tale: that of energy wasted and lost. The tale has happened in a wide range of places, and yes, your home is a common setting. Beware as certain features of the home can be culprits.


Let’s look at one possible suspect: the window. Michigan State University claims that windows, while “provid[ing] outside views, daylights, ventilation, and solar heating in the winter,” can “account for 10-25% of your winter heating bill through heat loss.”


With every bad news, however, there’s still good news. MSU also enumerates a list of ways where wise windows replacement choices can help prevent heat loss through windows.


Shop for NFRC labeled new windows


Windows, like any other technology, have been receiving upgrades and going through rigid considerations. Presently, windows are being measured of their thermal performance and insulating value through the U-factor and R-value respectively.


Seeing these labels on replacement windows can help you choose which ones are most suitable to your region and home.


Select low-e windows


We’re not talking about Wall-E but here’s technology that the famous robot might be happy with. Windows with low emissivity or low-E coatings can reduce heat loss. These windows are ideal in colder climates.


Windows with low-E glass have started to become largely available. Jones and Associates, for instance, have been installing windows replacement in Midland, TX for residents interested in saving energy.


Controlling air leaks


Energy is wasted when air leakage happens. One way of preventing it is through inexpensive options such as replacing window frames. There are companies that offer insulation packages, insulated frames included, that can aid in heat loss reduction in the winter and heat gain in the summer.


Window contractors have included such packages in their replacement services. For example, a window replacement in Lubbock, TX can also mean adding insulated frames to assure more efficient heat preservation.


“A window open is energy lost,” so they say. Practicing these simple heat management ways may help in reducing your heat loss and costs.


(Article Excerpt and Image from Energy Tips – Energy Efficient Windows, Michigan State University, Published 24 June 2003)

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