Ways New Windows Can Make Your Space Look and Feel Larger

One of the wonders of window replacement is creating an illusion of space. Because the size of your rooms is all about perception, you can convince the eye that you have more real estate with the right windows.



New Windows

How can replacement windows make your interior spaces look and feel larger than they actually are? Jones and Associates explains how they do it:


Increased Glass Size


Changing your existing units with ones that have more glass area lets you frame greater pieces of the outside world from the inside. Oversized and panoramic windows, such as picture and bow, capture sweeping views and produce seamless indoor-outdoor connections.


Also, smart window combinations allow you to bring the outside inside. A group of double-hung or casement units crowned by angular or circular transoms can significantly open up your space and pull off some visual trickery.


Clear Outdoor View


Any expert in window replacement would tell you that glass clarity complements unit size. You can’t use your large windows to best effect when they provide clear outdoor views.


This is why you should invest in Low-E technology. Windows protected by Low-E coatings can block the sun’s undesirable rays while catching a large portion of visible light. On paper, clear glass may offer the clearest outdoor views, but choosing it means putting up little resistance to solar heat and UV radiation.


At Jones and Associates, we offer Simonton Platinum Prism windows with ProSolar® Low-E glass. Compared with ordinary window glazing, our products meet the energy efficiency requirements of West Texas.


Enhanced Daylighting


Other than extending the reaches of your sight, keeping your rooms well-lit can make them look bigger, too. Unlike darker spaces, home areas with adequate indoor illumination fool the eye into believing they have more square footage. Rather than using energy to add a sense of airiness to your rooms, put daylighting at the center of your windows replacement.


Of all styles, we recommend bay units because they comprise multiple panels facing different directions. In contrast to most windows, they can usher in a rich profusion of sunshine until the final daylight hours.


Don’t extend your home just yet; bank on the magic of window replacement to increase the size of your interior space optically. Call Jones and Associates today at (806) 686-1380 to set your FREE, in-home consultation. Plan your project in Odessa, Lubbock, or Midland, TX, with us.

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