Top 4 Reasons You Should Choose Steel Siding

The siding is usually one of the top priorities when building or remodeling a home. This is because a home’s exterior cladding can make or break its curb appeal. Among the top siding options today is steel siding.


Choose Steel Siding


Your trusted siding company in Lubbock, TX, Jones and Associates, discusses the top four reasons you should choose steel siding for your home.


1. Durability and Longevity

Possibly the best quality of steel siding is its durability. It will take a tremendous amount of force to dent or destroy it. This type of siding will remain intact even when exposed to hailstorm. It can also withstand temperature changes. Given its durability, steel siding will surely last a long time.


2. Aesthetic Versatility

Steel siding is now available in a wide range of colors, finishes, textures, and styles. As a top siding company in Midland, TX, we can offer you the options recommended for our area. We also provide colorfast coatings, which mean they won’t peel or fade at all.


3. Ease of Maintenance

As steel siding is durable, it assures you of ease of maintenance. It generally only requires occasional washing. Just hose and scrub it down to remove dust and dirt and you can pretty much leave it alone afterward.


4. Resistance to the Elements

Steel siding can resist practically anything, including water, moisture, and ice. It does not rot, contract, or warp. It does not flake off strips of paint, too. Given its natural resistance to these damage factors, it no longer needs special treatments or additional coatings.


Want to know how you can make steel siding work for your home? Get in touch with Jones and Associates, the siding company Odessa, TX, homeowners trust. We’ll ensure a smooth and stress-free installation of your steel siding. Call us today at (806) 686-1380 for a free consultation.


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