Your Guide to Getting New Siding – Part 2: Siding Recommendation – A Look at Metal Siding

You’re probably ready to look for the right siding for your home, but where should you start your search? Everything seems like a good choice! If you’re looking for siding materials to consider, however, metal siding is a safe first pick because it has plenty of good points going for it, like:


Metal Siding

It is Tough


Metal (especially steel) is commonly associated with toughness and durability, so it goes without saying that metal siding is one of the toughest options you’ll find. Unlike other siding materials, metal is not porous so it doesn’t absorb moisture, making it impervious to rotting. At the same time, it’s smooth surface allows for easy shedding of rainwater and snow. Properly installed, metal siding will also resist strong winds, as well as fire, making it ideal in areas prone to wildfires. It is typically pre-treated to prevent rusting but additional coatings can be used, if preferred, prior to installation.


• It is Versatile


Metal siding comes in different profiles to complement a range of home styles. The material also takes paint well so you can choose basically any color you want. Just make sure that you choose a color that complements your home and the right paint is used to ensure the finish’s longevity.


• It is Low-Maintenance


Since metal siding is so durable, it’s less likely to experience problems over time. Even the most common metal-related problem – rusting – is no longer a major issue, thanks to the presence of protective coating, rust-resistant metals, and production techniques such as galvanization that helps steel resist rusting. All metal siding will really need is regular cleaning and inspection and it’s good to go.


• It is Easy to Install


Despite its durability and ease of maintenance, metal siding is lightweight so it is easy to handle, making it easy to install. This not only speeds up the installation process but also takes away the need for additional construction as extra structural supports will not be required, allowing you to enjoy convenience and savings.

Metal siding is a solid option but it has to be installed right to perform right. Head on over to Part 3 to learn about the importance of professional siding installation.

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