Tips for Choosing the Very Best Replacement Windows in Lubbock, TX

Everyone needs to replace their windows at some point, especially if they are nearing the end of their product life cycle. With so many options for replacement windows in Lubbock, TX and Midland, TX, though, finding the right one can pose quite a challenge.

Replacement WindowsFortunately, we have ways of choosing the right replacement windows. An executive from Simonton Windows, a renowned manufacturer of windows and doors in the country, shares the following:

You can’t go wrong with requesting ENERGY STAR® qualified windows and seeking out windows that have the American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA) Gold Label Certification. Those are some of the best made windows on the market today. Vinyl-framed windows are also considered of high quality, because they offer strong insulation value and low long-term maintenance.

Make sure the replacement windows you select meet or exceed industry standards set forth by the American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA) and the National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC). These tests assure that the windows meet stringent qualifications for thermal, air, water, operating force and structural performance.

Here are more tips to get started:

Use easier-to-operate windows

For single or double-hung windows, we can replace them with awning, casement, or hopper ones. Any of the three are easier to operate than single and double-hung windows. Given that the three options don’t need lifting, they put less stress on our hands and backs.

Choose windows with sturdy locks

Security of the home is always a concern, so we should choose replacement windows in Midland, TX or Lubbock, TX that have sturdy locks. It helps, though, that the locks are easy to use in case of emergencies. Impact-resistant glass is also an option if more security is a must-have.

Check details before installation

Before installation, we need to check the brand and model numbers of the windows brought to the home. The brand and model numbers ought to match those listed in the contract of the installer. If the installer got the windows from a dealer, then we can ask for the installer’s order sheet as well.

Select an experienced installer

Last but not least, we should select an experienced installer. Even better is to choose one trained by the manufacturer to use their products. A Simonton installer such as Jones & Associates, which has been around for 25 years, is one option to consider.

(Article Excerpt and Image from What Kind of Replacement Windows are Right for You?, Simonton Windows, May 30, 2013)

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