Some Things to Know Before Having a Window Replacement in Lubbock, TX

Today is probably that day when we roll up our sleeves, take a deep breath, and go, “Well, it’s time to replace that window or two.” Having some window replacement in Lubbock, TX or Midland, TX may not be fun, yet it is important to help keep our homes warm this winter.


Definitive GuideHowever, knowing a few things before we replace our windows can make the job easier. For one thing, we ought to know when to have our windows replaced. One article on home renovations shares some specifics about that:


  • Drafts. Chilly breezes in your house during the winter can come from even the tiniest cracks in window glass or window framing.


  • Window Glass Cold to the Touch. Single-pane windows will always feel cold to the touch, no matter their condition. But if you have double-paned windows, they should feel only moderately cold when the temperature outside is very cold.


  • Difficulty Opening or Closing Windows. Wood windows stuck to the frame by layers of paint. Settling of the foundation causing frames to twist, preventing the window sash from moving. Casement window hinges and latches rusted. Any of these might necessitate a full replacement rather than repair.


Aside from knowing when to have window replacements, the following details should help:


New Construction and Replacement Windows

We have windows for new construction and for replacement alike. We do not use new-construction windows to replace our old ones, and we do not apply replacement windows on constructing homes. A new-construction window has integrated fins to nail the whole thing into the home; on the other hand, a replacement window does not have fins, so that can fit into the opening of the previous one.


Windows Companies and Installers

There are at least two kinds of windows companies: those that only sell windows, and those that install and often sell them too. Some people buy window replacements from Lowe’s or Home Depot and then do the job themselves. If we want someone to replace our windows, then we seek local experienced installers for that. Installers use one or more brands based on their experience.


By understanding some of the differences above, we may not have to brace ourselves for a daunting job of windows replacement in Midland, TX or Lubbock, TX. We can also ask help from experienced professionals such as those from Jones & Associates.


(Article Excerpt and Image from Replacement Windows: a Definitive Guide,

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