Time to think

Several years ago I was talking with my daughter who was taking a philosophy course in college.  She had read that up through the 20’s every man was considered a philosopher.  The reason? People had time to think and ponder.
Without the distractions of modern living, there was the opportunity to
reflect on life and the core principles that guide and motivate us.

I suppose that each of us could and should pro-actively invest some time just
“thinking”.  It’s rewarding, but with so many things screaming for our attention, we must be very purposeful in our pursuit of “thinking” time.

My wife, L’Anna, who is responsible for our newsletter, told me it was time to get my article ready.  That nudge got me to “thinking” about our company, how we do our business and our relationship with our customers. As I  considered all of those things, I came up with a simple list of what I think folks are looking for when choosing to work with a construction company.  It’s also
the blueprint for how we attempt to build and maintain our business every
day.  I think people are looking for a company who:

*Shows up when they say they will

*Insists on high quality products

*Provides high quality installation

*Doesn’t leave in the middle of the job

*Prices work fairly

*Provides service after the sale

That’s it!  It’s not rocket science, but seems to be what every one of our customers is looking for.  That list describes our daily routine and thousands of West Texas homeowners have taken advantage of that offering.  For their patronage, we are grateful.  I hope our competition doesn’t start “thinking” and come up with their own similar list.

We might lose some of our competitive advantage. If you refer us to someone you know for siding, windows, or metal roofing, you can be confident that we are going to stick to our plan.  Our goal is to provide consistent, over-the-top service to every customer we deal with.

Thank you again for your business!!

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