Things You Can Do to Avoid Siding Installation Errors

In siding replacement, precision is key. A single miscalculation could mean the difference between weathertight and leaky panels. Workmanship errors may fly under the radar, but they’d ultimately present themselves in a form of damage in just a few months or years.


Siding Installation Errors

To reduce siding installation defects, Jones and Associates shares these tips:


Find a Reliable Contractor


Complete re-siding is a technically demanding job. It requires a high level of proficiency and must never be a DIY project. However, you shouldn’t leave it to any pro either. Prior to the actual installation, it involves meticulous preparation to ready your home for its exterior cladding system. For this reason alone, you must size your prospective siding contractor up. Of all things, experience has always been a good measure of competence.


At Jones and Associates, we’ve been installing steel siding for more than 25 years. We’re the most experienced contractor of our kind in the region, bringing decades of excellence to your re-siding project.


Prepare the Work Areas


Although you’re hiring a professional siding contractor for your upgrade, you still have to do your share to help ensure everything goes as planned.


One of the little things you could do is to clear the job site beforehand. You should get any fixture, like lawn ornaments and outdoor furniture pieces, out of the way to help pros work safely and efficiently. Also, pay attention to interior home items close to the wall. The job involves nailing, so you should make every effort to move your valuables away to avoid damage.


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