3 Practical Tips on Picking the Perfect Siding Color

Choosing your siding color should never be an impulsive decision. You can pick the right one out of the countless possible choices when there’s a healthy balance between logic and gut feeling.



Perfect Siding Color

Want to think like an experienced siding company to narrow down your best hue options? Jones and Associates recommends following these tips:


Get Started with the Color Wheel


First off, consider the 12 hues on the color wheel. It comprises primary (red, blue, and yellow), secondary (orange, purple, and green), and tertiary colors, which you can derive from combinations of the aforementioned hues. Although these 12 don’t cover the entire spectrum, any of them is a neat starting point to eliminate guesswork.


To come up with more varieties from your chosen hue, experiment with neutrals. Adding white, gray, or black makes colors go lighter or darker to some extent. Mixing color wheel hues with neutrals produces countless tints, tones, and shades.


Check the Temperature


Any siding company would tell you that each color has a temperature. Yellows, reds, and oranges are warm hues, while blues, greens, and purples are the cool ones. They affect the beholder psychologically, which is why the first group are livelier to look at, while the second group is soothing to the eye.


Of course, the color temperature you’d choose depends on the kind of mood you want to set. Furthermore, don’t forget about the size of your space. Colors have positive psychological effects, but failing to use them the right way creates negative impressions. For instance, the right intensity of yellow could symbolize wisdom, but its slightly faded version might imply a lack of confidence.


Learn How Color Schemes Work


Any siding company would advise you to consider the entire home exterior palette. Although it generates the most powerful visual impact, its beauty nonetheless relies on other hues juxtaposed with it. Use the color wheel as a guide. Opposing hues, those appearing in a row, and those evenly spread out throughout the color wheel make almost no-fail palettes.


Choosing the wrong color is a recipe for disaster. Let Jones and Associates help you round out your lovely exterior color palette with the perfect siding hue. Call us today at (806) 686-1380 to schedule your FREE, in-home consultation in Lubbock, Midland, or Odessa, TX.

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