Signs You Need A New Roof


If the first sign of a roofing problem that you notice is a stain on the wall or  ceiling, it may be too late and the structure of your home may be severely damaged!  Your home’s roof is too important to ignore. The roofing system is what protects your home from the West Texas sun, wind, rain, hail and other weather elements.

That is why you should contact an expert West Texas roofing contractor like Jones & Associates every 3-5 years for a FREE roof inspection. It could mean the difference between simple roof repairs and extensive repair to the structure of your home.

Here are 7 signs that your home’s roof should be replaced:

1.      Leaks or spotting of interior ceilings

2.      Streaks along outside walls

3.      Shingles, tiles or panels that are cracked, curled or missing

4.      Excessive rust on metal roofing panels

5.      Excessive mold or moss growth

6.      Staining of rafters or in the attic

7.      Penetration of the top layer or roof deck

Don’t wait until it is too late! Contact the West Texas roofers at Jones & Associates for a FREE roof inspection.

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