Replacement Windows in Lubbock, TX: Avoiding Zaps on the Siding

If you ever have your windows replaced, make sure it’s not going to be a nuisance to the people next door. WIVB in Buffalo, NY reported that a couple in Tonawanda town, Bill and Joyce Wakefield, was caught by surprise at some sidings sporting an ugly streak in their home. Investigations revealed that one of their neighbor’s energy-effective windows reflected sunlight in such a way that it was magnified on the siding and the gash went with the angles of the sun.

The possibility of mirrored starbursts seen on another house’s siding can be a bit remote among residents of Lubbock, Texas. Houses in the Hub City are mostly single or two-story affairs that are relatively apart from each other, but the area’s semi-arid climate poses a challenge for residents under the sweltering heat during the summer months and the relatively cold temperatures in winter, which can severely test their heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system. If you have lived in the area for years but need a change for your house, experts on replacement windows in Lubbock, TX like Jones & Associates can help you out.

energy efficient

Environmental concerns and the strain on your HVAC system are often the first reasons in choosing to convert your windows into energy-efficient versions. Picking the right window styles may be a cinch, as the contractor will have a variety of options for you to choose, such as sliding, casement, and awning. In the context of deflecting sun rays away from the window and avoiding the danger of melted sidings, certain styles may be hinged to angle the reflections.

The materials will come next and a Midland, TX replacement windows contractor can help. Energy-effective windows, or “low-E,” are mostly determined by assessing the U-value or the heat flow through a window, via computing values such as the sash, spacers, frame, and the glass itself, as well as the R-value or the window’s level of resistance to heat. The R and U-values of the window that caused the gash in the siding at the Wakefields’ house is unknown.

The siding at the Wakefields’ house in Tonawanda was made of vinyl, but it can wilt under the high temperatures of Lubbock and west Texas in general – even more so if the melted-siding episode repeated itself through another house’s windows. Contractors like Jones & Associates can set your house up with steel siding, which has been proven to withstand various weather conditions in the region. The material is also fireproof and resists high temperatures, which was evident when a test of the mirror starbursts at the Wakefield house found temperatures topping 180 degrees.

If you opt to replace your windows with newer, energy-effective glass panes, you can get your money’s worth when they are installed by a contractor with decades of experience and high standards. However, the fact that the melted-siding episode at the Wakefield house is one of many such incidents reported across the country is an incentive for the contractor to go through every option with you.

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