Curse or Blessing?

One man’s curse is another man’s blessing.  The recent storms have brought some much needed rain to a limited number of area towns.  Unfortunately, the rain was accompanied by some hail and damaging winds.  We are saddened for those who suffered loss due to the recent storms.  The agricultural losses impact all of us in this region.  It seems the collective economic boat that we ride in is relatively small.
The property damage that was done has caused an uptick in our business.  Hail damage impacts every facet of our business that includes windows, metal roofing and siding.  Many homeowners who have a desire to upgrade their homes‘ exteriors are blessed by having their insurance company pick up part of the tab.
If you’re thinking of repairing some damage or just need to spruce up your place, please give us a call.  Right now our backlog is just 6 weeks, however, the list gets longer each day.  We look forward to hearing from you.
Please know that we will strive to exceed your expectations.  Every day we work hard to make sure we can continue to say, “The proof’s in the puddin!”


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