Protect Your Home in TX: Top 5 Benefits of Metal Siding

Siding goes beyond enhancing curb appeal and increasing property value. It is mainly responsible for protecting your home’s structure against external elements and providing the right insulation needed to keep your abode comfortable in any season.

Since your siding covers a substantial part of your home, you should choose a material that is long-lasting and has high energy-saving capacity. The prime material that promises to deliver maximum benefits is metal. Here are the top five benefits of steel siding:

1.    LOW MAINTENANCE: Metal is more resistant to dirt compared with wood. Also, it does not absorb moisture, and this quality prevents the growth of mold and fungus. Water, snow, and frost have a minor effect on metal.

2.    AESTHETIC QUALITY: Nowadays, metal for siding can mimic the classy appearance of wood. Painted metal customized to your home’s decor doesn’t only complement the overall style of your house. Color retention is also guaranteed.

3.    DURABILITY: This the primary advantage of choosing metal siding over wood and vinyl. Unlike the two, metal is almost dent-resistant. As a case in point, a hailstorm could tatter, tear, and form holes in wood or vinyl siding, whereas a metal siding can remain intact.

4.    WEATHERPROOF: Strong winds, frost, and even extreme heat have a minimal effect on metal. Also, this material is moisture-resistant, which eliminates the chances of fungus growth that can lead to rusting. Siding from Rollex has built-in Preventol™, protecting it against mold and mildew.

5.    IMPROVED INSULATION: Metal siding has a high energy-saving rating, which can significantly lower your power consumption. For your siding installation in Lubbock TX, insulating properties should be a major consideration. We at Jones & Associates offer Thermal-Pro Insulated Steel Siding with an R-value between 2.20 and 2.63.

For steel siding installation in Odessa TX and other home improvement needs, you can trust Jones & Associates. Our products and services will give you peace of mind.

Guarantee your home’s protection and get more benefits all year round with metal or steel siding. Contact us today at (806) 796-1913 for a free in-home consultation and estimate.

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