Part 1: The Environmental Benefits of Metal Roofing

Why Go With Metal Roofs?

Metal roofing has been around for a long time. It has existed in different forms throughout the centuries. More than twenty percent of all commercial roofs in the United States are made of metal, and more than forty percent of residential roofs are also made from the this popular material. However, in spite of the material’s durability, metal ranks lower in terms of market share in the roofing industry.

The relatively small following it has in the realm of roofing materials comes from the mistaken notion that it is costlier than its rival products. Some homeowners also doubt the versatility of the material when it comes to aesthetics, and think that there are very few design options for metal roofs. Others also view metal roofing as requiring a lot of maintenance. All of these assumptions are false; yes, metal roofs can actually be low-maintenance and highly sturdy, making these an environmentally conscious building option.

Although strides in technology have turned some metal roofs into technological marvels, the popularity of this building material stems from its innate durability and strength, which has extended the stability and useful life of the base material even further. Even an unpainted roof made of basic metal sheeting is already better than a roof made of traditional asphalt tiles, for example, due to durability and temperature control.

Metal can be long lasting, attractive, and low-maintenance when sourced from reputable sellers and installed by qualified contractors. What some people do not know is that this kind of roofing can also be quite environmentally friendly, in addition to being cost-efficient. In fact, a seemingly basic metal roof can go beyond other materials in terms of life-cycle cost, one of the reasons why it is eco-friendly. You can go even further and extend the ecological benefits of a metal roof by adding a basic rainwater collecting system to harvest the runoff for gray-water use or a solar panel system.

The right choice of roofing and roofer can provide you with a metal roof that’s long lasting, good-looking, and reasonably priced. It can also provide you with a wide variety of cost-efficient benefits – reduced temperatures, lower energy costs, weight, sustainability, recyclability, and so on. Metal roofs are good for the environment, and a great building choice for modern homes and buildings with all the different styles and aesthetic options.

­Be on the lookout for Part 2 where we will talk about the long life and low resource requirements of metal roofing.

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