Metal Roofing: The Perfect Defense for West Texas Weather

The climate in Texas varies greatly. The western portion of the state, in particular, is known to have a semiarid to arid climate. With frequently high temperatures in the west, residents need more than just durable roofing and windows. You also need what can help regulate the temperature in your home so you won’t have to spend a fortune on energy usage.

Jones & Associates understands your needs. As West Texas residents ourselves, we know the importance of having the right type of roof and a set of energy-efficient replacement windows in Lubbock TX. If you’re looking for a roofing system that can withstand high temperatures and protect your home from the elements, think about getting a metal roof.

Here’s why metal roofing suits our Western Texas climate:

It is Weatherproof

You may not be worried about hail, ice, and snow the same way as the rest of the country is. However, you have to deal with extreme heat, tornadoes, and hurricanes, as they are common in Texas.

Metal roofs can withstand varying weather conditions. They can resist wind with speeds of more than 100 mph. You also won’t have to worry about blistering, warping, or cracking. One of the causes of these problems is the expansion of the material used, which puts unnecessary pressure into the roofing system.

It Helps Limit Energy Costs

With heat and humidity making everyone uncomfortable, it’s not surprising that you and your family prefer to stay indoors than spend time outdoors. With metal roofing, you won’t be staying home just for air conditioning.

Metal roofing is a cool roof, literally.

A cool roof refers to a type of roofing created to maintain a lower roof temperature than conventional roofing. With a high solar reflectance rating, a metal roof reflects the sun’s heat back, limiting the amount of heat it absorbs. With lower heat absorption, you won’t have to crank up your air conditioning unit to maintain a cool temperature inside your home.

It Lasts Longer and Needs Minimum Maintenance

With proper installation, metal roofs can last up to 50 years (or more) with minimum maintenance. You can forget about costly repairs and replacements.

Stop worrying about the weather and your roofing. With metal roofs, you’ll have better reasons to stay home than just to escape the grueling Texas heat. Contact us for more information about roofing and windows replacement in Odessa TX.

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