New Energy Saving Windows in Lubbock, TX Translate to Big Savings

Mike Williams’ article for highlights the need to invest in so-called energy-efficient windows. Most normal windows consist of a single glass pane layer and highly conductive window frame materials such as aluminum, which can cause inefficient heat transfer to take place, especially if the window is not tightly sealed; consequently, heating and cooling systems are forced to work twice as hard, thereby causing energy costs to soar. Newer windows can change all that and help reduce heating and cooling costs to a significant degree.

Energy Saving

In winter, heat loss through typical windows can boost a building’s heating bill as much as 25 percent (see References 1). In summer, the heat flow reverses, with sunlight warming the building’s interior through its windows and causing air conditioners to work harder. Energy-efficient windows can help in both these situations.

In Texan cities like Lubbock and Midland, where high humidity levels can make living conditions quite uncomfortable at times, every residential and commercial property needs energy-efficient windows to maintain optimum thermal comfort. Today, thanks to the Energy Star label, it’s easier for consumers to identify which replacement window products can boost energy efficiency. New energy saving windows in Lubbock, TX are able to withstand the high humidity in the area from July to September, thanks to their unique construction.

Energy-efficient windows have multiple panes of glass that minimize heat transfer with insulating air spaces between the panes. Efficiency is increased further when those spaces are filled with nontoxic gases such as krypton or argon and when low-conductivity spacers are used between the panes.

In any case, the best energy saving windows in Midland, TX are those that are suitable to the regional climate. As the article points out: “The best windows for cold climates will be different from the most efficient windows for warm or temperate climates. Make sure you select windows constructed for the climate and sunlight conditions where you intend to install them.”

If you’re interested in making the switch to energy-efficient windows as part of your next remodeling project, you might want to get in touch with reputable window companies – such as Jones and Associates, for instance – who can offer such options as low-emissivity (low-E) glass panes and high-quality insulated frames that can keep out the heat and allow you to keep cool in the midst of sweltering weather.

(Info from Energy-Saving Windows vs. Regular Windows, SFGate)

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