Common Key Feature of the Best Replacement Windows in Lubbock, TX

Brian Kiernan’s article for discusses the features and benefits of energy-efficient replacement windows. Kiernan lauds improvements in window pane and frame design, such as the addition of a gas-filled space between panes to increase insulation efficiency. He then shares the following tips for choosing the right replacement windows.

Modern EnergyWhen it comes to determining a window’s energy efficiency there are numerous factors involved. This includes how the sashes and frame of the window are made, the type of glass that is used, the type of coating used on the glass, the weather stripping that is used, and whether or not krypton or argon gas is used.

When selecting you will want to look at the R-value. This is an important number when you are evaluating the different types that are available.
The R-value of the window measures the resistance of the transfer of heat flow through the window. The higher the R-value of the window, the better it is an [sic] insulating.

The need for energy-efficient windows is all too apparent in cities like Lubbock and Midland that suffer from high relative humidity for most of the year. Without the kind of window that can trap cool air during summer and warm air during winter indoors, building interiors can be quite inhospitable. Subsequently, heating and cooling systems will be forced to compensate for the inefficient heat transfer by working twice as hard, thereby driving energy consumption up.

To further simply the selection process, Kiernan advises consumers to choose replacement windows in Lubbock, TX that bear the Energy Star symbol. This label indicates that a window has passed stringent laboratory tests and has a U-factor rating (a measurement of heat transfer efficiency) that meets government-specified requirements. The labeling system also serves as a guide for consumers in search of durable replacement windows that offer the best value for one’s money.

Meanwhile, due to the thickness of the panes and the tightness of the frame, some of the best replacement windows in Midland, TX today are even capable of preventing sound from penetrating building interiors. This feature certainly helps minimize the amount of noise pollution that can enter homes in the city center. For quality window replacement solutions, you can count on the experts like Jones and Associates.

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