Elements that Make Windows Energy-Efficient

Homeowners face a wide selection of window styles today. While the aesthetic appeal of windows still matter a lot, energy-conscious homeowners are placing huge importance to energy efficiency. Energy-efficient windows are crucial in maintaining the home’s temperature at a comfortable level. These also help in lowering utility costs by minimizing the risk of energy loss.




As the premier provider of energy saving windows in Odessa, TX, Jones & Associates understands the importance of energy-efficient windows to modern households. This is why we make our products as energy-efficient as possible.


In this entry, we discuss the factors that make windows energy-efficient. We also share how we can help homeowners achieve a more sustainable living space for their family.


Understanding Energy-Efficient Windows


Windows that have superior energy-saving properties are crucial in maintaining a comfortable home and in reducing utility costs. Here are three factors that make windows energy-efficient:


• Number of glass panes – Some homeowners think that the more glasses their windows have, the better. While modern windows usually have two or more glass panes, it’s not applicable to every home. To determine the right number of glass for your windows, talk to the top providers of energy saving windows in Lubbock, TX, Jones & Associates.


• Low-E™ glass coatings – You can lower your solar heat gain and shield your home from UV rays with Low-E coatings. By installing windows that are protected by Low-E coatings, you’re shielding your interior from significant damage. Jones & Associates use Low-E glass for our windows, making these more energy-efficient than traditional windows.


• Materials – When it comes to energy efficiency, materials matter a lot. Windows that are made of vinyl and wood are popular for their excellent energy-saving features. Jones & Associates offers windows made from materials that ensure a high level of energy efficiency.


Energy-Saving Benefits


The replacement windows we provide are specifically manufactured to meet the needs of energy-conscious homeowners. Made from high quality and efficient materials, our windows feature Low-E glass coatings that boost its energy-saving properties.


You can cut down your utility costs and provide a cozier home for your family with our replacement windows. When you install our windows, rest assured that you’ll enjoy the benefits energy-efficient windows provide, and the guarantee of a better home. For more than 25 years, Jones & Associates has been providing quality products and services to TX homes, making these more durable, efficient, and comfortable.


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