4 Great Reasons to Upgrade to Energy-Efficient Windows

Windows and window technology have come a long way. Today’s windows feature many innovations that provide benefits to homeowners. Jones & Associates looks at the four benefits of energy-efficient windows that make these worthwhile investments.


1. Energy Savings


Naturally, the first thing you expect from energy saving windows in Lubbock, TX, is that these save you off energy costs. We carry Simonton® Generation windows that are made of vinyl. This material is effective at heat regulation, which means you will depend on your cooling and heating units much less.


2. Lower HVAC Requirements


Due to lowered dependence on your HVAC units, energy-efficient windows mean you can get small air conditioning and heating units for your home, in terms of horsepower and peak cooling/heating load. This, in turn, leads to even more savings off your energy bills. These “lighter” HVAC units tend to be less vulnerable to wear and tear, as well.


3. Reduced Fading & Condensation


Fading furnishings are almost always due to excessive UV rays hitting and deteriorating materials. Condensation, on the other hand, results from a combination of moisture seeping in and temperature imbalance. Our window options at Jones & Associates combat both problems. For one, these are installed properly and sealed tight against moisture. In addition, these help keep temperatures balanced inside and out.


4. Increased Comfort


Apart from the temperature regulation, energy saving windows in Midland, TX, also regulate the amount of sunlight that enters your home. Simonton Generation windows have low solar heat gain coefficients (SHGCs), which means these reduce solar radiation passing through their surface. More than that, their tight seals also prevent cold drafts from entering your home.


For all your window needs, count on Jones & Associates. We carry a wide range of window styles and designs to meet your specific needs and preferences. Simonton’s Generations line is particularly notable for its energy efficiency and durability. Call us today at (806) 686-1380 and we will start you off with a free in-home consultation.

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