5 Tips on Reducing External Noise & Enhancing Comfort

Living in a busy and noisy neighborhood can have a negative impact in your home’s overall comfort. If noise from the outside is making it difficult for you to focus, rest, or sleep, it may be time to do something about it.

Blocking external noise is easier than many people think. You can start with your windows. Here are five things you can do to soundproof your windows:

Replace Old, Single-Pane Windows

Single-pane windows may allow too much noise to get in your home. If you’re using this type of window, think about getting a double-pane window replacement in Lubbock TX. The additional panes help dampen sound that passes through your windows.

Choose Glass Panes with Soundproofing Features

Apart from switching to double-pane windows, think about getting glass panes with soundproofing features. Windows from Simonton®, for instance, come with laminated glass that has an interlayer, which can reduce sound transmission by about 50%. It has a Sound Transmission Class (STC) rating of 35.

Put Up Soundproof Curtains

Using soundproof curtains can also help limit the amount of noise that goes through the windows. These curtains look like regular curtains, except they contain materials or come with a lining that features soundproofing characteristics.

Use Window Plugs

Creating window plugs is one of the simple things you can do to enhance the soundproofing abilities of your windows. Simply buy a two-inch foam acoustical mat and cut it a little bigger than your window frame. Insert the mat into the frame. Make sure not to position the plug directly against the glass to avoid blocking air, which enhances sound deadening.

Use Acoustical Caulk

Another easy way to reduce external noise is to make sure gaps around the window frames are sealed properly. Use an acoustical caulk to fill in the gaps. When purchasing an acoustical caulk, make sure to buy a product suitable for your window frame. Some window frames may require a certain type of acoustical (and even regular) caulk.

There are many ways to block out external noise. If you want to get windows replacement in Midland TX or in Lubbock, consult our window specialists here at Jones & Associates. We are the leading distributor of Simonton replacement windows in Lubbock and nearby areas. We can discuss your soundproofing requirements and help you understand STC ratings. All these can help you choose products with enhanced acoustic features, which can help limit the amount of noise that goes through your windows.

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