4 Tips on Finding an Expert Window Installer in TX

In finding someone to install your replacement windows in Lubbock TX, it is best to hire an expert so that you are sure it’s going to be done properly and accurately. However, it may be a little hard to find those experts due to some shams who provide nothing but shoddy jobs.

Here are a few tips from us here at Jones & Associates, your home improvement experts in Texas, so you can find a good contractor who can install windows properly for your home.

Tip #1: Do some research on what kind of windows you want installed.

It’s best to conduct some research first for the windows you want because a number of window installers have specializations in installing various kinds of windows. You should consider your budget, your location, and the climate you are in so that you’ll be able to find the best option for your situation.

Tip #2: Investigate on their credentials.

Find details about the contractor, such as: (1) years of providing service; (2) licenses from the government and certifications from manufacturers, and; (3) insurance and warranty policies. You may also want to ask recommendations from your friends, relative, or neighbors if you don’t know where to start.

Tip #3: Obtain references from previous customers.

Usually, you can find testimonials or references from a window installer’s previous customer on their website or on their page on the Better Business Bureau. You may want to get in touch with former clients and ask for their experience.

Tip #4: Make a shortlist of the most qualified contractor and obtain estimates.

A window installer’s estimates on how much the project will cost normally varies depending on the coverage of the job. Compare the estimates for: (1) the price quote, (2) the schedule and time frame, and (3) materials to be used. You may want to ask specific questions if you find something questionable. Asking questions can be a way to assess a window installer’s knowledge of the craft.

If you’re going to have installation project of replacement windows in Odessa TX, you may rely on Jones & Associates. We are in the business since 1987 providing home remodeling services. We also have an A+ rating from Better Business Bureau due to our excellent customer service.

Hire Jones & Associates for your window replacement project and other home remodeling needs. Call us today for more information.

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