5 Reasons Our Steel Siding is The Better Choice

Are you tired of repainting your siding every few years? How about having to deal with cleaning it and checking for signs of rot and moisture damage? Consider switching to steel siding.


As the siding company who provides the best steel siding in the West Texas area, we would like to share why steel siding is the better option.

Steel Siding

1. It costs less overall – You may read about how you should repaint your siding every three years or so, but with the harsh West Texas climate, you’re more likely to repaint your exterior every year. That means you will need to have an annual budget for buying paints and tools or for hiring a painting contractor. With our steel siding, you will never have to spend time and money for repaints, ever.


2. It’s safer – Repainting the exterior yourself presents health risks associated with extended exposure to paint fumes. There’s also the risk of injury from falling from the ladder if you attempt to paint upper-story siding without proper safety gear. Avoid injuries and high insurance premiums by switching to steel siding.


3. It doesn’t fade – In our experience as a siding company, we’ve been hired to replace siding with prematurely faded finishes, some of which are also have blistered and peeled after being painted less than a year prior. Our steel siding features several coats of finish designed to withstand the harsh West Texas climate, and keeps its color much longer than typical vinyl siding.


4. It’s tougher – The factory-applied coats also stand well against wind, rain, ice, and hail. Your exterior would be less prone to blistering, peeling, or being scraped off by tree branches or large hailstones.


5. It’s covered by the best warranties – If you’ve ever had to retouch missed spots, or had to repaint certain areas because of inconsistent colors, then you know how frustrating and expensive it can be. With our steel siding, not only do you have to forget about ever having to paint your siding, we also have a 10-year workmanship guarantee that covers installation imperfections that you may find.


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