4 Signs You Need a Siding Replacement

There’s more to your siding than simply boosting your home’s curb appeal. It doesn’t just add personality to your home; it also ensures protection from numerous damaging elements. You need to make sure that your siding remains durable to function well.




To be sure that you get the best protection from your siding, it pays to know when you need to replace it. If you’re unsure about getting a replacement, talk to an expert siding contractor in Lubbock, TX, like Jones & Associates. In this entry, we list the top four signs that tell you need a siding replacement.


1. Fading or peeling paint – If you need to paint your home frequently, it’s a sign that your siding is deteriorating. It means that your siding allows paint to peel and crack easily. Steel siding from Jones & Associates is an ideal option, as it doesn’t require much maintenance and painting.


2. Higher energy costs – When a siding performs poorly, it allows air to leak in and out of your home. Regulating your interior temperature becomes more costly, as your heating and cooling systems need to work harder to maintain a comfortable atmosphere.


3. Presence of dry rot – It indicates that your siding has weak areas. Dry rots are a type of fungi that eats wood, causing it to crack and deteriorate. These can let moisture to enter your home, which may result in interior problems. Check your siding regularly for presence of dry rot. If you spot areas infiltrated by these fungi, replace your siding right away.


4. Warped siding – A distorted or warped siding indicates that there is water in your panel. To get the best siding for your home that will not rot or warp, consult Jones & Associates, the most trusted siding contractor in Odessa, TX.


Keeping your home’s exterior in tiptop shape lets you protect your interior, as well. As soon as you spot any damage, get in touch with Jones & Associates. For 25 years, we have been providing quality siding for TX homes. We install top quality steel siding that will make your home more beautiful, durable, and efficient.


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