5 Amazing Benefits of Steel Siding

Aside from your roof, your siding is probably one of the most significant parts of your homes’ exteriors. It adds personality and boosts the aesthetic appeal of your home, while shielding it from harsh wind, rain, and storm. Moreover, it also contributes to your overall insulation.




When your siding sustains damage, however, you need to replace it immediately. There are many options when it comes to siding replacement, but one of the most popular among homeowners is steel or metal siding. In this entry, Jones & Associates, the top siding company in Lubbock, TX, explains why steel siding should be your top choice.


1. Ease of maintenance – When you install steel siding, you’re protecting yourself from costly maintenance bills. Compared with other options, metal is more resistant to dirt and other harmful elements. This makes maintenance much easier and manageable.


2. Remarkable beauty – Steel siding offers a clean, sleek look that complements both traditional and contemporary homes. While it mimics the classy appearance of the wood, it can be color-customized to suit any home design.


3. Durability – Unlike its wood and vinyl counterparts, steel is almost dent-resistant. It can withstand any amount of wind, rain, and storm without breaking or tearing.


4. Rust-resistant – Excessive moisture can damage your siding easily if it’s made from low quality materials. Water seeping through your siding panel may eventually cause rusting and water damage. With steel siding, you’ll enjoy a rust-free exterior, as these can protect your home against moisture.


5. Energy-efficiency and insulation – Steel siding exhibits superior energy-saving properties that can help reduce your utility costs. With added insulation, you’ll enjoy a more comfortable home with relatively low energy costs.


Trust Jones & Associates to help you make the most of the advantages of steel siding. As the leading siding company in Midland, TX, and the surrounding areas, we help homeowners get the highest level of protection. Our siding products come with an excellent 10-year workmanship guarantee, along with manufacturer warranties for optimum protection.


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