4 Projects That Can Boost Your Home’s Energy Efficiency

Do you find your house too dull and boring? Or maybe you see a lot of cracks on the wall or ceiling’s paintjob that make you feel hesitant to let guests come in to your house? If you answer “yes” to any of these questions, then you should consider doing some home improvement projects.


Home improvement projects can bring your house back to life. They can improve the aesthetic appeal and value of your property. They can also make your home more comfortable and even improve its energy efficiency. On this post, we will introduce to you some home improvement ideas that can help you enhance the appearance of your property and at the same time, make it more energy-efficient.


Plugging Up Leaks and Holes


Leaks and holes in your insulation can cause cool air to easily escape your house. As a result, it will take longer for your air conditioning system to cool your home. If you want to minimize your cooling costs, you should check the condition of your insulation and seal any leaks or holes you might find.


Repair Leaks in Exposed Ducts


If the air ducts in your home are not working properly due to damage or poor installation, they can lose about 20% to 30% of the air that moves in the duct system. To solve this problem, you can use duct sealant to repair the leaks in exposed ducts. In case you don’t know how to do this task, you can ask home improvement experts for help.


Replace Old and Damaged Windows


Replacing old and damaged windows with energy saving windows in Lubbock TX can help you save money on energy bills. It is because these windows are usually made from materials that can help limit the amount of hot or cold air escaping your home.


Jones & Associates offers and installs energy saving windows in Midland TX and Lubbock that feature Low-E glass. Considered the latest innovation in energy glass technology, Low-E glass prevents too much infrared rays from entering your home and keeps the inside of your house cool.


Invest in Energy Efficient Doors


Another way to make your home more energy-efficient is to install an energy-efficient entry door. This type of door helps prevent cool or hot air from getting out easily. Doing this home improvement project can significantly reduce your heating and cooling costs.


If you want to invest in energy-efficient doors, Jones & Associates can help you out. Their products are widely known for their quality, durability, and energy efficiency. Each door they offer is custom-built to meet the specifications of their clients.


Start making your home energy-efficient today to enjoy bigger savings! Contact Jones & Associates at (806) 686-1380 now.

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