4 Factors to Consider When Hiring a Siding Contractor

One Google search would show you a long list of siding contractors to choose from. While they may have legitimate business to do siding work in West Texas, many of them are not necessarily a good pick for your project.!


Hiring a Siding Contractor

Since not all siding contractors are equal, use these key factors to hire the right company for the job:


1. Proximity


Always choose a local siding contractor. Unlike someone who’s located in a faraway area, a “neighbor” is adept at the local weather and familiar with the latest building codes. As local contractors only serve communities near you, it’s easier to visit their past projects to aid your research. Best of all, your closeness to your contractor’s physical address is important to get help ASAP. In case of failure, you might have to count days before you get a visit from a company from the other side of the state.


2. Experience


Siding work has a steep learning curve. Most companies that have been in the industry for less than five years charge less to make up for their lack of experience. It should serve as a red flag pointing to the great possibility of workmanship error.


On the other hand, contractors plying their trade for over 30 years, like Jones and Associates, are a safer choice. Their longevity in business speak of the quality and integrity they bring to the table.


3. Specialization


A siding contractor that’s a master of one is better than a jack of all trades. Each material and product has unique installation requirements, which involves a long process of trial and error. To ensure flawless work, choose a company that lives and breathes a single siding solution. An excellent case in point is Jones and Associates, which is the region’s authority in steel siding.


4. Warranty


Choose a contractor that stands behind their work. The ultimate differentiator of reliable siding companies is a powerful workmanship guarantee. In an industry where one-year warranties are practically common, a contractor that provides 10-year coverage, like Jones and Associates, is a cut above the rest.


No matter how you look at it, we’re the most qualified siding contractor to handle your project. We have the credentials most of our competitors could only aspire for. To schedule your FREE, in-home consultation with Jones and Associates in Lubbock, Odessa, or Midland, TX, call (806) 686-1380 right now.

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