Terrific Tips to Choose the Best-Looking Siding Color

Your siding is your home exterior’s most prominent visual element. Since there so many hues to choose from and not a single one is universally the best choice, use these tips to narrow your options down:

Best-Looking Siding Color

Know Your Neighborhood’s Theme

Any experienced siding company, like Jones and Associates, would advise you to take note of the popular home exterior designs in your neighborhood. If there’s a prevailing theme, it pays to conform to avoid making your residence the odd one out. Keep your siding color close to the homes of the same style as yours, but don’t mimic the exact hue. This way, your façade would blend in with the rest while standing out on its own.

Think about Architecture

Not all architectural styles accept different colors. In many cases, they use quintessential siding designs for historical accuracy. But then again, modern traditional home interpretations change the rules every now and then. Know the latest trends and draw inspiration from real-life examples online or in your location.

Pay Attention to Your Home’s Size

The space your siding occupies is relative to the size of your home. Any design-savvy siding company would attest that the psychological effect of colors changes depending on its quantity. This is why looking merely at paint swatches could mislead you. A dark hue could be head-turning in a small volume but would gloomy when applied on the entire façade.

Take Cues from Other Exterior Elements

Your siding may be the most noticeable from the street, but it’s not the only thing that arrests the eye. The beauty of your home exterior is based on the healthy combination of its colors. You must look at the big picture and see how your siding panels, roof, trim, and landscapes would look altogether. Don’t stop refining your color palette until there’s visual harmony.

See the Color in the Sun and the Shade

Every siding company knows that light transforms the appearance of colors. One hue could look dramatically different in sunny and cloudy days. Generally, colors are brighter the more intense the sun is. To see the actual difference, see a sample of your prospective siding design in sunlit and shaded areas.

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