3 Main Reasons to Install Steel Siding Today

The year 1903 saw the discovery of sheet iron and steel clapboard siding. As the agricultural side of North America transitioned from animal-driven to equipment-dependent method, steel became a useful discovery. Through steel, exterior cover designs have upgraded and evolved.




As your top siding contractor in Midland, TX, Jones & Associates talks about the main features of steel. What makes it an excellent siding choice? Here are three features to look forward to:




According to Home Advisor, steel rises to the top mainly because of strength and durability. If you install steel siding, you get to use it longer than other exterior cover materials. It is resistant to dents, bumps, scratches, and other issues. It’s also resilient to external elements. Moreover, rust and corrosion are avoidable.




With proper maintenance, you can use steel siding for over 40 years. It only needs repainting or refinishing every 20 years or so. Additionally, steel siding doesn’t catch fire, burn, or melt. Given the longevity of steel siding, homeowners can experience savings on utility and replacement costs.




Many homeowners choose a steel siding because it ensures protection. Steel siding is an excellent source of insulation, which is essential to areas with a cold climate. With steel siding, you can save from your heating consumption and bill over time. Moreover, the material doesn’t fade easily. Steel siding has a color retention feature, which doesn’t acquire a chalky texture from the effects of weathering. Moreover, it comes in a variety of textures, styles, and colors.


If you are planning to install steel siding today, consult your trusted siding contractor in Lubbock, TX. Jones & Associates installs high quality steel siding that offers defense against hail, rain, ice, snow, and wind. Our factory-certified contractors can install a top-quality steel siding in your home today.


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