We were pleased and proud to help Joe and Sherry make their Levelland home more comfortable and energy efficient by installing brand new windows, as well as wrapping their trim with beautiful and steel siding. The transformation was stunning, giving their home a whole new look.








Joe and Sherry have lived in Levelland for 16 years, and in their present home for the past 13 years. Sherry is a communications clerk at South Plains College, and Joe is a gas compressor mechanic for the Dover Company. They have two children and have been blessed with six grandchildren, ages 5-19.

Thanks to the work we were able to do for Joe and Sherry, the happy Phillips brood will be able to visit Joe and Sherry and enjoy a home that is cooler all summer and warmer all winter. As Sherry wrote, “We cannot thank you enough! We are praising our Lord for all blessings!”

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