Our second drawing was in April, 2013. Jeanette Martin was our winner! She bought siding and soffit & fascia from our company in February and chose to enter our contest. Jeanette worked at a State Farm insurance agency for 29 years and has lived in her home in Lubbock for 41 years. She did not want to paint again! She likes the “proofs in the pudding” saying because she trusted a man who stood behind his words. She was excited to hear she was our second winner!

Jeanette Martin

 Here are links to the individual stories of all our Big Hat Winners. We hope to someday feature your project on this list!

Winner 1- MacDonald
Winner 2- Martin
Winner 3- Perrin
Winner 4- Rivas
Winner 5- Wiggins
Winner 6- Robbins
Winner 7- Horton
Winner 8- Seay
Winner 9- Brown
Winner 10- Ybarra
Winner 11- Holcomb
Winner 12- Dewees
Winner 13- Smith
Winner 14- Phillips
Winner 15- Donelle
Winner 16- Shuey
Winner 17- Wiley

Winner 18- Thomason

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