Window Style Series: Picture Windows for a Better View

 imagesFall offers you the chance to  enjoy a beautiful outdoor view. The trees will offer a canopy of red, gold, and orange leaves, which you can definitely admire with the relaxing touch of a cool breeze. If you prefer to enjoy fall in the comfort of your home, then installing picture windows is a great idea.


Let us show you the unique features of seeking window replacement in Lubbock, TX with our picture windows:




Large Window Area


When you work with us, we will get your home’s custom measurements. We will make sure that the products we install in your home will fit each window opening in it. In addition, our picture windows have a large, single flat glass panel to allow greater viewing pleasure.




Our windows come with “Low-E” glass that helps regulate heat transfer and promote a cozier home. These will also keep you from using too much of your cooling and heating system, which adds to your energy costs. Our products will also help protect your investments from harmful UV rays.




We only use high-quality materials when it comes to windows replacement in Midland, TX. In addition, our many years of experience will give you the assurance of a seamless installation. You can feel safe knowing that the products we install in your home are airtight, which will prevent moisture from entering your home.


Strong Warranty


Our product comes with a 10-year labor warranty from the date of initial installation. Have the peace of mind of knowing that you have protection against poor workmanship.


Weather Resistant


The extreme temperature and scouring winds of West Texas can be challenging for your old windows. That is why replacing them with our picture windows can give you the confidence that they will withstand severe weather for a long period.


Having high-quality picture windows installed in your home will help improve its overall function. Jones & Associates offers more than just picture windows that can address your needs. For more information about our products and services, call us today.

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