Window Style Series: Garden Windows

Garden windows are a very unique window option that you’ll be hard-pressed to find among other window companies. After all, not many understand how they function. When you do realize what they have to offer, however, they can be one of the best investments you’ll ever make. Jones & Associates discusses these benefits in detail.


imageThey create extra shelf space.


These replacement windows in Lubbock, TX are essentially mini-greenhouses that bridge your indoors to your outdoors. Yes, you primarily use this space to grow and house plants, flowers, or even vegetables, but you can also use it to display other things—like vases and other home accessories. The choices are up to you—the point is that you can use this type of window to beautify and enhance your home.




They let in a lot of light and fresh air


If you’re familiar with other window styles, garden windows are most like bay windows in that they jut out. This design choice for these replacement windows in Midland, TX is functional and practical—if you use them for a small garden, you’ll need light and air. Even if you don’t use your garden window as such, you can still benefit from the added light and the improved ventilation that this brings. The latter is especially easy to get due to the handles that open up the side windows.


They look really good


Ultimately, garden windows are about aesthetics. They’re showpieces that improve the curb appeal of your home by allowing you to display anything that you desire. Whether you opt for plants and flowers or decide to be a little more creative, these windows can certainly serve you in good stead. Best of all, we only carry energy-efficient windows here at Jones & Associates. As a result, you can also enjoy greater savings off your monthly bills.


Give Jones & Associates a call today and we’ll be more than happy to walk you through the many benefits of garden windows. We’ll even help you plan the perfect use of them in your home!

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