What to Know about Buying Energy Saving Windows in Lubbock, TX: Vinyl

Getting vinyl replacement windows can help you significantly reduce your home’s HVAC usage, thanks to its excellent energy-efficient properties. You should know though, that this characteristic isn’t the only good quality about vinyl, as it is also durable, stylish, and very low-maintenance. Hence, when looking for this excellent type of energy saving windows in Lubbock, TX, you should make sure that most or all of the said qualities are present in your final choice.

Vinyl Windows
Check the Color

High-quality vinyl windows are often made from a base of polyvinyl chloride or PVC, with a wide variation of other chemical additives or fillers for durability and overall quality. One of the simplest ways to identify a vinyl’s quality is to check for a slight bluish tint, which might be indicative of the lack of titanium dioxide or organic tin.

Frame Construction

SF Gate advices that you look into the vinyl window’s frames before buying:

“The frame has multiple chambers of different sizes. More chambers means higher quality. Good-quality frames and sashes have more chambers to avoid deformation due to vinyl melting from the sun’s heat. Screws, brackets and caulk, or welding are the two methods used to assemble frames. Caulked seams can break during shipment.”

Check the Glass

At the end of the day, a truly energy-efficient window will be weighed not just by the quality of the vinyl frame, but also by the glass pane, so it’s important that you look into its R-value. Double glazed windows, which are essentially a pair of glass panes with an insulating inert gas in between them, should also make for an excellent choice.


Of course, another important factor that affects just how much you can save with your new vinyl windows is how you clean and maintain it. When having one installed by companies like Jones & Associates, always ask your contractors for a list of cleaning dos and don’ts. For instance, some vinyl windows might end up getting damaged if you power wash them.

Make the most of getting energy saving windows from Odessa, TX contractors by choosing the right type of vinyl windows for your home. When you play your cards right, you just might end up saving a whole lot of what you might have otherwise paid for in heating or cooling bills.

(Article Excerpt and Image from How to Choose Vinyl Windows, SFGate)

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