Tips to Remember When You’re Hiring a Siding Company in Lubbock, TX


When looking for a top-grade siding company in Lubbock, TX or Odessa, TX, you need to consider the qualifications of their contractors. This may not be easy, however, because almost all siding companies claim to offer the “best” services in the industry.

The Better Business Bureau provides the following advice:


When hiring a contractor, you should consider the contractor’s experience and reputation; the quality of the product and its warranty; and the total price of the installation, including labor and materials.


To inquire about the contractor’s work experience, ask for the names of several previous customers in your locale. After checking the references and qualifications of three or four contractors, ask them to come view your home and bid on the job. It is important to follow up on the contractor’s references to make certain their previous work was performed satisfactorily.


Make sure the company is licensed, bonded and the employees who will perform the work are insured. Some states require that contractors be licensed and include their license number on any written agreement to perform a job. If you have a complaint, contact the contractor’s state licensing board.


Reading consumer reviews from trusted sites like those of the Better Business Bureau and Angie’s List will also assist you in deciding which siding company to hire. These sites do not only offer information about businesses. They also contain feedback from people who have hired their services. A reputable siding company in Odessa, TX or Lubbock, TX will likely have high ratings and positive recommendations.


Aside from checking client reviews, you can also review the company’s warranties. Each business should offer coverage for their products and services. Hire a contractor that provides extensive warranties to be assured that when your siding product is damaged after installation, the contractor will promptly provide a replacement without asking you to shoulder its cost.


Most importantly, go local. Local companies, like Jones & Associates, are likely to offer high-quality products and services at a lower rate compared to those that are located outside the community. This is because they do not drive far from their offices and therefore do not charge for product and service transport. Aside from offering cheaper rates, they also know the local building codes and installation methods that businesses from out of town might not be familiar with.


(Excerpt taken from Home Siding and Re-siding,

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