Tips on Styling and Decorating Your New Garden Window

Garden windows can provide your home with abundant sunlight and ventilation. They can also act as a great space for your houseplants. Jones and Associates can install beautiful garden windows from Simonton® Windows and Doors. Here are a few tips on styling this window type:


New Garden Window

Choose the Right Plants


Creating a beautiful look for your garden windows is about choosing the right plants. As an expert in window replacement in Lubbock, TX, we suggest using one plant to take center stage and act as a point of interest. It helps if this plant adds color to the room. Orchids and tropical blooms are good. You can also go for multiple plants, but make sure that they have a purposeful arrangement to avoid crowding. Using the same kind of pot for your plants will tie things together.


Use Décor to Mix Things Up


Plants aren’t the only things you can place in garden windows, however. For instance, you can use some common kitchen décor to add a statement to the room. Examples include white teapots, vases, a bow of fruit, etc. Thanks to bright sunlight, these items look appealing on garden windows. As a specialist in windows replacement in Midland, TX, we recommend considering the rest of the kitchen when decorating your garden window. Busy kitchens look good with minimalist garden windows, while the opposite is true with sparse kitchens.


Consider Design Principles When Arranging Things


Our replacement windows in Odessa, TX, can serve as the perfect backdrop for a variety of plants and décor. When it comes to arranging plants or décor on your garden windows, you can follow some basic design principles. Odd numbers of objects look better than even numbers of objects. There needs to be an element tying the objects together. Still, there also needs to be varying heights, textures, or shapes within the arrangement.


In addition to adding a splash of color and life to your kitchen, houseplants can boost self-esteem, well-being, and mood. Our garden windows can also capture plenty of sunlight thanks to their multiple windowpanes and protruding design. Jones and Associates has helped thousands of customers and we have decades of experience. Give us a call to learn more tips to style your garden windows. You can also schedule a free in-home consultation and estimate.

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