This ‘n That!

This year is a real benchmark for our company. We are completing our 30th year in business! What a rewarding ride it has been.


It’s amazing to look back at the changes that have occurred. We, like most young businesses started out slow. Our first seven months in business netted us about $300,00 in gross revenue. We now enjoy over twice that much business each month. L’Anna and I started out with just ourselves and one crew. We now have over 30 people who play a day to day role in our company. Initially, we started out with a single offering, siding. Now, our product line has expanded to also include replacement windows, steel roofing and concrete coating.


Occasionally, I am asked for the secret to our longevity and sustained viability. I think it can be stated in three broad points. First, we have been blessed by God. We are not rocket scientists, but we are smart enough to look to the Lord for our direction. He has been faithful to lead us and sustain us for all these years. Without His provision, we could have been doomed from the start. Second, we have been blessed by people. Many of the people associated with our company have worked with us for over 20 years. Their hard work, commitment to quality and their loyalty has played a foundational role in whatever success we have enjoyed. We also credit our loyal customer base. Many of our customers have had us back for their sixth or seventh project. Today, over 50% of our business comes from referrals or past customers. Our loyal customers drive our business. Finally, I think our commitment to consistency has played a huge role in our business. We feel that our associates should enjoy a consistent experience of being valued, respected and rewarded for their work. We feel that our customers should experience consistent outcomes of quality and value in their home improvement purchases.


We have learned a great deal over the past thirty years and look forward to learning more. Hopefully, in thirty years, you will still be hearing “the proof’s in the puddin’”!!




Jeff Jones

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