The boastful passenger

A proud, wealthy businessman was in a London taxi. Not in any particular hurry, he asked the cab driver to point out some of the sights on the way to his meeting.  “That’s the Tower of London,” the cabbie said, pointing out the window. “It was started in 1346 and ompleted in 1412.”

           “A little tower like that?” the businessman harrumphed. “Why, my company could put that up in two months!”
           The cabbie hid his annoyance, and a few minutes later pointed out the Houses of Parliament—“Started in 1544, and finally finished in 1618.”
           “Well,” the passenger said, “that’s nice, but we put up a bigger one than that in Houston and it took only about a year.”
           As they passed Buckingham Palace the businessman tapped the driver on the shoulder. “What’s that?”
           The cabbie slowed down, took off his cap, and scratched his head. “That one? I don’t know—it wasn’t there yesterday!”
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